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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Wanda W. On 1/18/16

Remediation Work by Flag Enterprises!
Flag Enterprises are total professionals. They thoroughly inspected the area, expertly advised on what type of remediation was necessary, removed all damaged areas and cleaned the entire site. They were always on time, always in contact with me and fully informed me on all their work. Tom and his crew did a remarkable job, professionally and quickly. Couldn't ask for a better experience with them. Would easily recommend them to others.

Sharese W. On 9/29/15

High quality service.....very trustworthy!
We recently had a severe mold condition in our basement. I reached out to flag enterprise after speaking to different companies. Flag was professional and honest. From the beginning to the end they reassured me that everything would be taken care of. They displayed such a high quality of service and talked me through the entire process. The job was neatly and in a timely matter. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Amy E. on 5/1/2015

Flag Enterprises helped me after my air conditioner condenser flooded and made a 6' x 6' hole in my ceiling on Memorial Day weekend. I was distraught and worried about mold, reconstruction, and expense but they were fantastic! They were professional, efficient, did meticulous work, cleaned up and left things spotless and made sure that everything was bone dry with no mold. Even better, they dealt directly with my insurance company so I didn't have to worry about anything. They were completely accessible and responsive even over the holiday weekend and I was very grateful for their kindness and willingness to help. I highly recommend Flag Enterprises.

Frank G. on 4/1/2015

We had Flag do a mold cleaning job for the attic. They did a good job. More importantly, their price is fair.

Dawn F. on 4/17/2015

Extremely through job in removing the mold! Many vacumn machines running continuously and the house has never had it back again. I would recommend this if you have flooding in your house!

NicciZ Z. on 3/24/2015

We had an overwhelming amount of water and mold due to roof leaks and broken pipes. Gary and his guys walked us threw the process necessary to dry the house out and rid of the mold. Never felt as if I was being talked down to or being had, which as a woman still happens more often than not. I highly recommend and would use again. The house was good as new, no better when all the work they did was finished. Thank you Flagg Enterprise.

Indira M. on 4/7/2015

Post Sandy I did air quality testing and found that I had mold. I did research for days and had multiple consults and found out that many companies had no clue on how to treat mold. Flag Enterprise was recommended by a friend and they were great. They also guaranteed their work and post remediation I retested the air and the quality was close to perfect.I paid 50% upfront and the other 50% after the air quality test. This is the first time that I have taken the time to review any company/product but I feel very strongly about this company.

Ashley B. on 3/16/2015

We had a leak in our basement which resulted in mold everywhere! I am not from the area and Googled someone flag came up and I called them. Absolutely no disappointment.. they cleaned the area removed the mold and I haven't had a problem since. And if I do, they'll be the first I call and recommend to everyone.

Sandi L. on 3/29/2015

They did a great job. They came quickly and worked carefully. They did everything they could to ensure that the water damage was handled properly so that mold would not grow. They were friendly and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend them again.

Virginia L. on 2/13/2015

When our boiler burst a pipe during a blizzard and flooded the basement with hot steamy water for 5 days in Feb. 2013, we were referred by our insurance company to Flag Enterprises for clean up and restoration. We had damage not only to the basement, but also to the first floor of the home due to the steam rising from the basement. A team arrived the next day with all the equipment needed to clean out and sanitize the basement for mold/mildew and fans to dry out the basement and the first floor. Once that was accomplished, we had different teams that came to restore the dining room wall paper, paint, and refinish the hard wood floors. All work was done in a timely manner. The personnel were very polite, conscientious and professional making sure that all repairs were made to our satisfaction. They arrived promptly as scheduled. We were very impressed with Flag Enterprises and highly recommend them.

Water Remediation Testimonials

John A. On 7/15/15

Total professionalism and dedication to doing the job right!
We had a huge flood due to a plumbing problem in our upstairs bathroom. Our kitchen cieling collapsed and the water went all the way down to our basement. My wife and I were so lost; we didn't know what to do. I called our Insurance company, USAA and they said they would send a clean up specialists. Less than three hours later, the guys from Flag arrived and went to work. They were amazing. They worked hard all day to do the cleanup and then left giant fans with us overnight to expidite the drying process. They were confidant, professional and just plain nice. I recommend them without reservation.

Michele A. On 6/12/15

Responded Right Away!
We dealt primarily with Tom. I woke him up at 3 am and he came right over after our basement flooded from a burst hot water heater. He and his team cleaned out the basement right away. We had no issues and would recommend them to others.

Matthew C. On 6/14/15

Awesome Service!
You guys were great! On time, courteous and professional. Great job all around!

Anthony V. On 7/7/15

The Best!
With one day left to go on vacation, notice a small flood in my basement due to the kids draining the pool. (Hose in the wrong place so all the water drained towards the house). Needed to get the water out, I looked on the Internet found them and called. Spoke with Gary told him my problem, he had a crew at my house within 30 minutes. Very professional took care of business. Would recommend !!!!

Michele A. On 6/12/15

Responded Right Away!
We dealt primarily with Tom. I woke him up at 3 am and he came right over after our basement flooded from a burst hot water heater. He and his team cleaned out the basement right away. We had no issues and would recommend them to others.

Jonathan S. on 4/29/2015

A middle of the night call to Flag Enterprises regarding a flooded basement resulting in a quick response. Upon returning to our house, we found that the basement had flooded through a window well after a storm. The entire basement floor was covered, sheetrock walls were already absorbing water. Flag responded quickly and expertly. They removed the water, dried out the area, and removed any resulting debris. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a wet basement or flooding issues.

Neil S. On 6/10/15

Great Job!
They did a great job managing all our repairs after several pipes burst. We had relocated already and flag coordinated all the subcontractors and the insurance company for us. They did a wonderful job, would highly recommend

Mike D. on 4/15/2015

When the hot water heater flooded the basement, Flag personnel arrived about one hour later. Within three hours, the excess water was removed, the fans were on and the ton of wet clothes in the laundry room were in the wash machine or sorted out to continue drying. Aside from this, the Flag personnel that arrived were courteous, respectful of our soaked clothing, soaked carpeting, and wet furniture. We could not have asked for anything better. The personnel knew what they were doing, offered recommendations to us on the next steps and left the house with everything ready for the painters, carpenters and carpet layers. What could have been a true nightmare that you see on television commercials about flooding resulted in a very professional restoration job executed by true professionals.

Joanne G. on 4/6/2015

We received prompt service from Flag carpet after having a flood in our basement. They did a great job cleaning up all of the water and tearing out all the carpeting a moldings. The best part was that they took all of the debris with them. I would highly recommend this company.

Sewage Damage Removal Testimonials

Jennifer W. On 1/11/16

My sewer backed up into my basement on 1-5-2016. When the city cleared the blockage the water drained and left raw sewage on the floors and walls. My insurance agent recommended FLAG ENTERPRISES and a couple of other companies. I chose FLAG. I hired them on 1-7-2016 and they did the job that same day. They cleaned what could be saved and bagged and disposed of all that was ruined, (which was almost everything). They deodorized and sanitized everything as well as dried everything out. 3 days to dry out with their high powered equipment. Upon FLAG retrieving their dehumidifiers I requested that they deodorize again as there was still a slight odor and they did. I would highly recommend FLAG because they were fastest to respond for free estimate and job when hired, because of their knowledge regarding sewer clean-up. Careful not to track raw sewage through the rest of my house. Hauled away all of the garbage. Most importantly they documented everything perfectly in writing and with photos, (before and after). Which is needed for insurance, claims, lawsuits etc.

Dana B. on 3/26/2015

Had a sewer pipe burst & dump Nast stuff all over my basement. My insurance company contacted Flag Enterpriises & they were there right away. The guys were GREAT!! Worked hard to gut & clean my basement. They left the place as spotless as possible & were so professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Colleen B. on 3/4/2015

I called at 1:30 am in a total panic with sewer water pouring into my house..and woke up Tom. He was so calming and reassuring even in the wee hours of the morning. They arrived the next day and Ed really put all my fears to rest that his company was going to get the clean up done! Indeed they did! Paul was a real down to earth nice guy who made sure everything was completed and not only was clean but smelled clean as well. I highly highly highly recommend anyone to call Flag for any job they need! While I certainly hope I don't get water in my basement again at least I know who I will call! Thank you all for being professional and patience with me!

Puff Back Cleanup Testimonials

Patricia S. On 1/20/16

Exceptional service. Workers were very friendly and very clean workers.
I found that I found the workers for Flag Enterprises to be very professional and friendly. They always arrived when they said they would which was important to me. I feel confident that they removed all the lead that was found because they worked very neatly and cleanly. When they left for the day there was no trace of dust or debris. I am very happy that Flag Enterprises was used for my Build it Back project. Flag Enterprises were very professional. They always arrived when they said they would which was an important aspect for me. They worked efficiently. I was not always there when they were at work but when I would arrive home I would find the places where they worked to be exceptionally clean and free of debris.

Carole D. on 3/30/2015

I had a puff back from my furnace causing soot to come out through the vents all over my home. This made it necessary for every room to be thoroughly cleaned ...the walls,the carpets ,and inside all my drawers and closets. The team was efficient, courteous and willing to go above and beyond to make sure everything was cleaned well and that I was comfortable and satisfied every step of the way. The team leader, Joaquin, went out of his way to check in with me frequently and to attend to all the details no matter how small or large they were. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Flag Enterprises.

Richard F. on 2/11/2015

From our earliest contact with Flag and until our latest, my wife and I have experienced nothing but prompt, courteous and thoroughly professional service. Dealing with the consequences of a puff back seemed to be overwhelming at first but Flag immediately defined the recovery process, interfaced with our insurance carrier and explained the role that third party contractors would play in the restoration of our home and property. Most especially, they put our minds at ease. As soon as the cleanup began we realized that Flag's people were going to be personable, HONEST, hard working, on time and in uniform. Thank you to everyone concerned...we couldn't ask for more during this emotional time. A very messy job well done.

Baburao D. on 3/19/2015

We had a puff back smoke, they have made my life easy , took care all, clean, trained , Organised people, timely done, took care of insurance paperwork, etc

Jerry R. on 3/6/2015

USAA, a great insurance company, recommended a great cleanup company (Flag) a few years ago after a "puff back" of my furnace. Flag cleaned the house to perfection as well as all clothing including every pair of shoes and sneakers that were in the damaged rooms. Oily black soot that comes from a puff hack is not easy to clean. They did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them. They obviously meet the high standards of USAA as well. Thanks for a job well done. Jerry Formerly of Oyster Bay, NY.

Gene E. on 2/10/2015

My wife and I was away for about 2 weeks. We returned home Jan.24 2015 to a soot filled house and no heat; the oil boiler had a super puff back due to a burned out transformer. The puff back probably occurred 2 or 3 days after we left, when we returned home about 1 1/2 weeks later, everything was frozen in soot. My insurance company, USAA, referred Flag to us. Tommy and Eddie came over within a few hours They assured my wife and I they been doing this for 30 years and all will be all and we will resume our lives in about 1 1/12 weeks cleanup time. USAA put us up in a nearby hotel and we watched the professional and organized crew work. I had a few concerns with the cleanup and Bob resolved them immediately. I hope no one will experience a disaster as I have; but Flag will get your life and house back to normal.

Smoke Damage Restoration Testimonials

Margaret G. On 10/25/15

High quality service, professional and friendly company!
The Flag company is a reliable and efficient company. The workers deliver expert service. They put all their energies into whatever job the company allows them to handle. For example, they did a clean-up job for me, after I had had a fire and smoke condition in my home, and the result was great. They cleaned areas that were really out-of-reach, and at the end no residue of sooth remained on the walls. As a result of my experience with the Flag company, I recommend them highly.

Sidney F. on 5/21/2015

Office fire clean out. These guys were professional, honest, understanding, patient and respectful. Made bad experience, tolerable.

Alan K. on 4/15/2015

These people were efficient and eager to please the entire operation went very smoothly

Benjamin G. on 3/13/2015

There was a fire in the apartment next to us and above us. Everything we owned was covered in soot and smelled of smoke. And to make matters worse, we had just had a baby 8 weeks before. My wife and I were in a panic. Tommy and his team showed up the next morning and began working. They cleaned every inch of our apartment and all of our belongings. I hope I will never need their services again, but if I am ever in that unfortunate situation again, Flag will be the first call I make (if my wife doesn’t beat me to the chase).

Pat T. on 4/16/2015

I had a small kitchen fire at my home and can truly recommend the Flag Enterprises as an excellent company to do business with. They were recommended to me by my Insurance company USSA, an A rated company that I have had for at least 30 yrs. The men from Flag arrived promptly at my home just minutes after I reported the fire to my insurance company, with large fans to take away the odor of the fire and advised me to leave till the odor had been removed. My experience with this company was excellent. The workers were prompt, polite and helpful cleaning every nook and cranny in my large home, even the basement! The owners took time to make sure I was happy with their work. I definitely would recommend Flag Enterprises but hopefully I will not require their assistance in this manner again.

Juner C. on 4/6/2015

I had a great experience with Flag enterprise even though I had a fire. They were the up most professional people I dealt with during this inconvenience in my life.

Asbestos Removal Testimonials

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