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Did You Just Experience a Puff Back?

911 Flood of Long Island services all of Long Island and the surrounding areas!

Causes of Puff Backs


Leftover Oil
A furnace that leaves oil in the ignition chamber that doesn't get burned.


A leak in the burner can send soot throughout your home.


Faulty Oil Line
There may be bubbles present in the oil line.


Faulty Valve
The shutdown valve on the oil burner nozzle is not working properly.


There is a clog in the oil system's nozzle.


The furnace chamber might have an oil accumulation.

Our Puff Back Cleanup Methods

In a classic puff back event, smoke and oily particles are released by a furnace and black soot is distributed throughout the house in a web like configuration. Properly dealing with puff back damage requires equipment and cleaning techniques generally unfamiliar to homeowners. The marks of a puff back are oily and will smear. Applying traditional spray & wipe cleaning techniques will make a bad situation worse. Below you will find some techniques we use to eliminate damage from a puff back.

  • Chemical application and agitation.
  • Low pressure sand blasting.
  • Sodium bicarbonate blasting.
  • Dry ice blasting.
  • Non-destructive rubber blasting.

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Your First Choice for Puff Back Cleanup

Reversing puff back damage is what we do best.

  • We are a certified, licensed and insured business.
  • We put your needs and safety first, conducting each inspection thoroughly and carefully.
  • Our puff back cleanup service is personalized to your situation.
  • We have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Our puff back cleanup teams are knowledgeable and skilled in execution.
  • Our cleaning approach produces superior results against puff back damage.

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Featured Project

Watch our project slide progression of a puff back cleanup on Long Island.


Our Service Advantages

24/7 Emergency Service

Our technicians have the training and expertise to handle your restoration and cleaning needs.

One Hour Response

A fast response is critical. We arrive at your home or place of business within 60 minutes.

Certified Professionals

Flag's team is committed and dedicated to providing and promoting the best practices in the restoration and cleaning industry. With this in mind, we are focused on continued education and have tailored our management to give our clients the best possible service.

Insurance Claim Processor

If the loss is covered by your homeowners insurance policy Flag will bill your insurance company directly and wait for payment from them.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our skill and knowledge is a result of many years of education and experience and it is because of that we are able to provide the service you need at the time you need it.

High-tech Equipment

We have all of the structural drying equipment and hands on experience to handle any damage to your property, residential or commercial.


What People Are Saying About Us

Real Customer Reviews about Our Puff Back Cleanup Service

Patricia S. On 1/20/16

Exceptional service. Workers were very friendly and very clean workers.
I found that I found the workers for Flag Enterprises to be very professional and friendly. They always arrived when they said they would which was important to me. I feel confident that they removed all the lead that was found because they worked very neatly and cleanly. When they left for the day there was no trace of dust or debris. I am very happy that Flag Enterprises was used for my Build it Back project. Flag Enterprises were very professional. They always arrived when they said they would which was an important aspect for me. They worked efficiently. I was not always there when they were at work but when I would arrive home I would find the places where they worked to be exceptionally clean and free of debris.

Margaret G. On 10/25/15

High quality service, professional and friendly company!
The Flag company is a reliable and efficient company. The workers deliver expert service. They put all their energies into whatever job the company allows them to handle. For example, they did a clean-up job for me, after I had had a fire and smoke condition in my home, and the result was great. They cleaned areas that were really out-of-reach, and at the end no residue of sooth remained on the walls. As a result of my experience with the Flag company, I recommend them highly.

Richard F. on 2/11/2015

From our earliest contact with Flag and until our latest, my wife and I have experienced nothing but prompt, courteous and thoroughly professional service. Dealing with the consequences of a puff back seemed to be overwhelming at first but Flag immediately defined the recovery process, interfaced with our insurance carrier and explained the role that third party contractors would play in the restoration of our home and property. Most especially, they put our minds at ease. As soon as the cleanup began we realized that Flag's people were going to be personable, HONEST, hard working, on time and in uniform. Thank you to everyone concerned...we couldn't ask for more during this emotional time. A very messy job well done.

Baburao D. on 3/19/2015

We had a puff back smoke, they have made my life easy , took care all, clean, trained , Organised people, timely done, took care of insurance paperwork, etc

Carole D. on 3/30/2015

I had a puff back from my furnace causing soot to come out through the vents all over my home. This made it necessary for every room to be thoroughly cleaned ...the walls,the carpets ,and inside all my drawers and closets. The team was efficient, courteous and willing to go above and beyond to make sure everything was cleaned well and that I was comfortable and satisfied every step of the way. The team leader, Joaquin, went out of his way to check in with me frequently and to attend to all the details no matter how small or large they were. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Flag Enterprises.

Jerry R. on 3/6/2015

USAA, a great insurance company, recommended a great cleanup company (Flag) a few years ago after a "puff back" of my furnace. Flag cleaned the house to perfection as well as all clothing including every pair of shoes and sneakers that were in the damaged rooms. Oily black soot that comes from a puff hack is not easy to clean. They did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them. They obviously meet the high standards of USAA as well. Thanks for a job well done. Jerry Formerly of Oyster Bay, NY.

Gene E. on 2/10/2015

My wife and I was away for about 2 weeks. We returned home Jan.24 2015 to a soot filled house and no heat; the oil boiler had a super puff back due to a burned out transformer. The puff back probably occurred 2 or 3 days after we left, when we returned home about 1 1/2 weeks later, everything was frozen in soot. My insurance company, USAA, referred Flag to us. Tommy and Eddie came over within a few hours They assured my wife and I they been doing this for 30 years and all will be all and we will resume our lives in about 1 1/12 weeks cleanup time. USAA put us up in a nearby hotel and we watched the professional and organized crew work. I had a few concerns with the cleanup and Bob resolved them immediately. I hope no one will experience a disaster as I have; but Flag will get your life and house back to normal.


You May Qualify for Assistance

Puffback Cleanup damage claims are often rejected by insurance companies if not correctly documented.

Step #1


We review your assistance application and assess the smoke damage at your property to see if you qualify for claims assistance.

Do I Qualify?

Step #2

Claims Processing

We document your claim and prepare all of the insurance paperwork and directly work with your insurance provider to process it fast.

Check Claim Status

Step #3

Claims Payout

Once your claim has been verified and approved by your insurance company, you'll receive reimbursement for the approved claimed amount.

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We're Just Around the Corner

Our smoke restoration team is in your neighborhood. We're on call to service homes and businesses owners in these areas:

Long Island
Nassau and Suffolk Counties

New York City
Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn & Manhattan.

If your property is located outside of the service map, and you believe it is in our best interest to service your project, please call 1-800-981-0265.


We're Certified to Protect Your Home the from Elements

Keeping up with industry advancements helps us deliver the best possible service.

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